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RedX® TRIPOD 4X4X4M Inflatable Gazebo

Strong, lightweight & surprisingly affordable, the 4x4x4m RedX® TRIPOD inflatable gazebo is the ideal, professional solution to help your business stand out.


Professional quality and durability in an eye-catching design. The sturdy 4x4x4m RedX® TRIPOD inflatable gazebo gives you a striking shelter that will withstand any type of weather. The airtight (pneumatic) inflatable design makes this gazebo easy to use, low in weight, and compact when packed up for convenient transport/storage. The outside layer of the TRIPOD inflatable gazebo (the roofing and leg covering) can be custom printed with any type of print, branding or design. Every TRIPOD gazebo is made to order and can be fully tailored to meet your needs!


There are multiple colouring and printing options available. You can choose from 8 colours for the pneumatic inner layer (black, blue, green, grey, orange, red, white, and yellow) and a further 5 colours for the polyester outer layer (black, blue, red, white, and yellow). This polyester layer can be further personalised by choosing our custom printing and branding service.

We always give you a 100% free, non-binding visual mockup of your gazebo before you place your final order.

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Product Overview


Your 4x4x4m RedX® TRIPOD inflatable gazebo can be fully personalised to meet your needs. From custom printing to adding the right accessories. Everything you need to turn your TRIPOD into an effective marketing tool for your business. The following accessories are included in your order for free.

Your TRIPOD gazebo consists of a pneumatic (airtight) inner layer made of high-quality POLYURETHANE. This layer keeps all the air inside the construction, which means you do not have to supply a continuous flow of air thus saving on energy and making your gazebo incredibly easy to use. The construction is further fitted with pressure relief valves that automatically release any excess air, ensuring optimal pressure inside the construction at all times. The outer layer of your gazebo is made of strong POLYESTER fabric with a fibre density of 500D Denier, which means your gazebo is both 100% waterproof and flame retardant to keep you safe from the elements. This layer can be custom printed.

Standard production time is 2-3 weeks from the moment of order confirmation. If a faster turnaround time is required please get in touch before placing your order to further discuss your project.

RedX® TRIPOD 4X4X4M Inflatable Gazebo

The tripod design gives you a visually striking gazebo that helps you and your business stand out in the crowd
Durable and strong yet surprisingly lightweight
The pneumatic (airtight) construction does not require a continuous flow of air, making the TRIPOD gazebo both energy efficient and easy to use
Fast inflation in just approx. 8 minutes (when using the provided electric pump)
Optimal air pressure is automatically maintained by the integrated pressure relief valves
100% waterproof & flame retardant
Wide range of pre-selected colour combinations
Custom printing and branding options

Product Detail


Airtight (pneumatic) inflatable construction
Roof covering
Protective bag for transport/storage
Electric 220V pump
Anchoring set for soft surfaces (stainless steel pins and NYLON ropes)
Anchoring set for hard surfaces (sandbags)


Size: 4x4x4m
Size of the gazebo when packed up in the transport bag (included): 60x50x50cm
Diameter of the floor plan: 5.4m
Height (rooftop): 285cm
Height (entrance): 225cm
Weight: 16.2kg
Diameter of the legs: 20cmConstruction material: THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with outer POLYESTER coating
Construction material: THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with outer POLYESTER coating
Covering material: POLYESTER (500D Denier fibre density)


Electric pump 220V (included with every inflatable gazebo)
Rechargeable 12V electric pump
Sandbags to anchor the lower edge of the gazebo’s sidewall
LED light

A reputation based on Quality

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    “We bought a pop-up tent from RedX for our wedding, because unfortunately it was raining. The tent saved guests from getting wet during welcoming and toasts. The tent was dismantled and folded in a moment during the rain, and no one got wet. We definitely recommend RedX and thank you very much!”
    Terezie V.
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    “We were deciding between several suppliers and we are really happy that we finally chose RedX. Mrs. Tausek is a professional in his place, she reacts immediately, she advised us with the colors of the tent, the design of the print, the company processed several visualizations for free. The tent itself is beautiful, well made, the material is very high quality. We definitely recommend RedX!”
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    “Alzheimer Centre would like to thank Redx International, namely Mr. Tausek, for professional approach. Great communication, incredibly fast delivery of the tent, also tailored exactly to the requirements and to measure, including advertising signs. The tent will serve in our Alzheimer Center - in its current state for contactless visits of families and clients. Only the situation will allow for public events. Thank you”
    Alzheimer Centre
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    “We are very satisfied with RedX. Excellent communication from the beginning and everything could be tailored. We were given a choice of several RedX variants of pop-up tents in our price range and we chose well. The tent is really robust, the roof and sidewalls fabric is high quality. Thanks for cooperation.”
    Sportclub ZDERAZ
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    “We sincerely thank RedX for the pop-up tent with a print, including accessories (banner, flag). We will use the tent during the presentation activities of the ARPIDA center to the public and also as a charity stand at various cultural events. Thanks again to RedX for a great approach and we look forward to further cooperation :-)”
    ARPIDA Center
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    “Everything ran quickly and smoothly, from commissioning to implementation. Mr. Tausek is a professional - he advised what would be best for our purposes and what he thought might be unnecessary. He had great patience with us and, at every request, he found a solution so that we could fit into our budget. Result? We have a beautiful quality tent, which has a lot of variants of use and a colleague will easily set it up. Thank you very much.”
    RBR Charity
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    “I highly recommend - professionalism, helpfulness, reliability, creativity = RedX”
    Mildorf Nuts
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    “Thank you for the great pop-up tent for rescuers”
    SAR Rescue team
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    “Racers, racers, you have to see this! We are so happy that a tear has dropped from our eye! We present our new Miladatlon inflatable gate, which was made for us by RedX. Although I am an old rifle, another boy's dream has come true - we are tuning MILADATLON. Thank you team RedX for a great work, great cooperation and we believe that we will also welcome you to our race!”